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TEMPO PROJECT REACH: Helping Position TEMPO Women for Business Boards

November 30, 2019 1:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


by Kristine Euclide and Kim Sponem,  Project Reach co-chairs

We  serve on business boards for several reasons.  We choose board service based on our interests and where we think we can make a difference. When serving on business boards, we  help shape the way the organization conducts its business and how it impacts the community. We enjoy being part of the business community and engaging with interesting, smart people who bring different backgrounds, work experiences and perspectives to the boardroom.  Board service keeps us constantly learning and growing, often in areas different from our own backgrounds. It helps us stay up on industry trends and reminds us to be open to new ideas and approaches. Our overarching goal is to add value back.

Business boards members have a unique role and responsibility different from being an employee of a company.  The board is primarily focused on governance and high level strategy, not day to day operations. We both enjoy board governance and strategic thinking. Board service is often fluid--you may be on one board for a long time and another for a short time, depending on the purpose and impact you want to make. Understanding what you want to gain and contribute will help you pick a board service that is right for you.

Finally, we believe business and society benefit from more diversity in the executive team and in the boardroom. The more visible examples we have of women successfully contributing in the business boardroom and in the C-Suite, the more commonplace it will become. That's why we are working on this important initiative!

We hope you will consider positioning yourself to serve on a business board, if you aren't already!  If this is something that interests you, we encourage you to get involved with TEMPO'S PROJECT REACH--attend  the  upcoming educational sessions and let us know of your interest!  Thanks.

Project Reach will kick-off with three educational sessions scheduled for January, February and March of 2020.

The January program presenter will be Donna Beestman.  Donna‚Äôs session will focus on conducting a self-assessment in preparation for positioning yourself for business board service.  The discussion will be held on January 14, 2020, from 10:30 to 11:15 prior to the TEMPO monthly luncheon.   

Each session will be held at the Madison Club with a participation fee of $15.00 per session. Click here to register
Dates for the February and March sessions will be announced in the coming weeks.

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