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About Us

TEMPO Madison is an invitation only, peer-to-peer organization in greater Madison that connects women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience to support, advise, learn and create relationships with one another.

Dedicated to shaping the climate and culture of our community by allowing future generations of women to succeed, TEMPO Madison continues to grow, adapt and change.

TEMPO Madison embraces the future, while staying true to its mission of encouraging the advancement of women in business, public service, academia and the arts.

TEMPO Madison membership is comprised of approximately 240 women in executive and leadership positions throughout the Madison area community.

Members are invited to monthly luncheons with featured speakers intended to stimulate conversation and expand horizons. Networking events encourage TEMPO Madison members to connect with each other socially and maintain perspective on life outside of the office. Informal groups allow members to pursue connections with women who share interests, some involving book clubs, discussion groups and weekend breakfasts.

TEMPO Madison Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

TEMPO Madison is committed to embodying diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization representing membership from different backgrounds, businesses, industries, and professions. We live these values by embracing and celebrating individuals and ideas that represent and reflect all races, ethnicities, national origins, ancestries, citizenships, ages, sexual orientations, gender non-conforming traits, religions, military memberships, veteran statuses, and abilities, as well as all other dimensions of difference. We respect and value diverse experiences and will strive to ensure that all voices are heard and given equal value. In addition to committing to embracing these values within TEMPO Madison, we promote them outside the organization into the broader Madison community.

TEMPO Madison Board of Directors will exemplify and provide leadership on diversity, equity, and inclusion by committing to:

    • Examine and address inequities within our policies, programs, and services and ensure transparency by communicating to appropriate constituents.
    • Expand and commit to greater diversity within the Board of Directors, and membership, as well as our partners and vendors.
    • Develop and offer DEI professional development opportunities for the Board of Directors, especially those newly appointed in board leadership roles, members and guests.
    • Identify and advocate resources and programs for underrepresented members to ensure an equitable and inclusive, and rewarding experience.
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