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GEM Sponsors

These are the jewels in our organization who elect to help us shine a little brighter through extra measures of financial support. GEM Pledges are unrestricted annual funds that allow TEMPO Madison to take on special strategic initiatives and support our members through enhanced programming.

By becoming a GEM at any level, TEMPO Madison members are also saying thank you to all of the volunteers who organize dozens of TEMPO Madison events and activities throughout the year. In return, TEMPO Madison's Board of Directors recognizes GEMS in our communications, on our web site, and at our events.

We’ll treasure your participation in the TEMPO GEM program. More Information and Sign up as TEMPO Madison as a GEM Sponsor

PINK DIAMOND ($1500 Level)

Michelle Vetterkind
WI Broadcasters Association

RUBY ($500 Level)

Elaine Rich
EnRich Financial Partners LLC

SAPPHIRE ($250 Level)

Jennifer Winding

Tapestry Talent

PEARL ($100 Level)

Linda Bochert


Laurie Dies

Capitol Weddings & Events, LLC |

The WIDGET Source

Kris Euclide


Liz Henry 

Henry Farms Prairie Spirits, LLC

Margaret LeMay

Integrated Art Group

Consuelo López

Assistant Dean Emerita, UW-Madison

Alice O'Connor

Constituency Services, Inc

Susan Pigorsch

Pigorsch Media Design 

Anne Sappenfield

Wisconsin Legislative Council 

Susan Thomson

ActionCOACH Wisconsin

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