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TEMPO is an invitation only, peer-to-peer organization in greater Madison that connects women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience to support, advise, learn and create relationships with one another.

TEMPO Madison is comprised of approximately 250 women of executive and leadership positions in the Madison area.

While there are thousands of fabulous professional women in the Madison area, TEMPO members have spoken loudly and clearly that they value TEMPO’s intimate size, which fosters deep connections among fellow members, as well as the ability to be among group of high achieving peers at the peak of their careers, and the chance to learn new things and interact with a diverse group of women, in the broadest sense. Therefore, please understand that TEMPO is not able to extend membership to everyone who might be interested or meet the criteria.

Above all, PLEASE DO NOT PROMISE OR IMPLY TO ANYONE THAT SHE WILL BE OFFERED MEMBERSHIP.The only way to become a TEMPO member is to go through this process, and membership is NOT confirmed until the applicant has received her welcome letter and invoice from the TEMPO Executive Administrator. Nomination/application is NOT a guarantee of admission.

Membership Selection Process

1. Criteria for Membership

TEMPO Madison members must meet the following criteria:

  • 10+ years professional experience
  • 5+ years executive level professional experience
  • decision-making responsibility for staff and budget
  • direct access to the organization’s top executive
  • leadership in professional and/or civic organizations

In addition, the Membership Committee and Board of Directors are responsible for balancing the membership to ensure a wide range of members, diverse in terms of industry, professional background, company/organization, racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity.

2. Member Nomination

Any current TEMPO member may nominate a woman for membership. Nominees should have attended at least one monthly luncheon. Ideally, the nominee will not be aware that she is being considered for membership at this point in the process. This helps protect the integrity of the process, as well as the feelings/reputations of all involved.

The Membership Committee also maintains a list of recruitment targets – women whom we believe would be incredible assets to TEMPO and whom we actively recruit to join. If you have a suggestion, please email the Membership Chair, Michelle Vetterkind, at mvetterkind@wi-broadcasters.org

3. Membership Committee Review

Once a nomination form is received, the Membership Committee will review it at its next quarterly meeting. That means there could be several months between the time you submit your nomination and when you hear back from the Committee Chair.

The Committee either recommends moving forward with the application process, or not. In either case, the nominator(s) will be contacted by the Membership Chair. If the potential member has been recommended to apply, Kristin DeGroot will contact that person and invite her to apply, by filling out an application form and providing a resume or CV.

4. Board of Directors Review

Once a potential member has submitted her application and resume, the Board of Directors will review it, as well as the original nomination and the Membership Committee’s recommendation. The Board of Directors then votes either to invite the potential member to join, or not.

If invited to join, Kristin DeGroot sends a welcome letter as well as an invoice to the applicant, and notifies the member who nominated her. Her membership begins once Kristin has received payment.

If not invited to join, the Membership Chair will contact the nominator(s) and the applicant to let them know of the decision, and the reasons why, if appropriate.

Ready to nominate a potential member? Have questions?

Members may obtain a nomination form by emailing Kristin DeGroot at tempoconnects@gmail.com.

If you have questions about this process, or about whether a potential nominee might be a good fit, please contact Michelle Vetterkind, Membership Chair, at mvetterkind@wi-broadcasters.org.

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