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Passionate Advocate for Sustainability, Governance and Social Justice Causes

Angela L. Banks

901-336-1670 | angela07banks@gmail.com

Chief Audit Executive | Certified Fraud Examiner | Political Appointee

Areas of Expertise

Angela Banks is a driving force for streamlined, profitable, compliance-first cultures that maximize performance while protecting shareholders’ interests. She has more than a decade of senior executive leadership. Angela is known as trusted advisor and influential for positive change who leads with confidence and approaches even the most difficult challenges with unflagging perseverance and a commitment to success. Her multidisciplinary background spans customer service, internal audit, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, finance, facilities and fleet management and administrative services. She is valued for making key connections and leveraging her network to connect people with opportunities to learn how to ensure key controls are efficient and effective.

As the Chief Audit Executive for the top commercial, private and native casino companies verifying the accurate implementation of financial and administrative policies and procedures across all functions/departments. Angela is an industry leader in corporate governance in a heavily regulated industry. She has demonstrated her strengths while navigating and leading through the rapidly evolving climate. Over the last 20 years, the casino industry experienced immense growth and development in technology which prompted significant changes in laws and regulations, as an auditor, she had to say abreast of the trends for risk assessment evaluations. Angela was instrumental in assisting with the accomplishment of strategic and operational objectives by evaluating and providing recommendations for improving the effectiveness of risk management, internal control and governance processes

Faced with challenges of refocusing audits beyond accounting, policies and procedures to technological controls and innovation both immediate and foreseeable, Angela, teamed with the Audit Committee, confronted, and resolve multifaceted compliance issues instilling an appetite for a responsible gaming enterprise. She balances her zeal for working for a dynamic company with profitable growth while mitigating risk. She spearheaded robust audit and compliance environments to address the steadfastness of the company’s framework. Sought out for her strategic acumen, operational, risk management, regulatory management and leadership, Angela was appointed to the Governor’s Administration as the Administrator for the Division of Gaming for the Department of Administration. She expanded her knowledge base by accepting a second appointment as the Administrator for the Division of Management Services for the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Currently, Angela oversees administrative services to the Office of the Secretary and all other divisions within the Department. These services include strategic planning, budget, accounting, information technology, safety, and fleet and facilities management.

A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Angela earned her B. S. in business administration from Christian Brothers University and her M.B.A. from Webster University. She began her hospitality and entertainment industry career at Harrah’s Entertainment, MGM Mirage/Hyatt Gaming and Potawatomi Casino where she quickly earned promotions to Chief Audit Executive.

Aligned with recent leadership in state government, Angela has volunteered in leadership roles for agencies who honor sustainability and socially responsible causes. She has been on the Board of Governors for The Institute

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