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January President's Message

January 02, 2022 5:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings TEMPO Madison Members,

Happy New Year!  My recent travels have put me in Puerto Rico for the start of 2022, and I am feeling blessed to be writing this month’s newsletter with the sounds of the ocean waves coming in through our open balcony.

The pandemic refuses to go away, as you are all keenly aware.  It has changed life as we know it in so many ways for most of us.  Our family will be returning home soon and we just learned of our need to return our children to virtual learning.  Hopefully going virtual will be only for a short while as our community gets its arms around the spread of the Omicron variant.  Once again, we are being asked to be patient and flexible.  I am hopeful that you all are finding ways to navigate these newest challenges with creative solutions and a little grace. 

My family and I love to explore the world.  Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have still managed to travel these past couple years.  We do it less frequently but with more intention.  Chris and I figure if we have to limit our traveling due to safety, then when we do plan an adventure, we want it to be worthwhile.  Unlike our trip to Italy in the summer when we befriended a local family, we’ve not made any special acquaintances in Puerto Rico but have felt very welcomed here, nonetheless.  San Juan, the largest city on the island and its surrounding metro area comprises over 80% of Puerto Rico’s population.  It is a wonderful and interesting mix of Spanish speaking people and Puerto Rican culture mixed in with U.S. commerce, restaurants and infrastructure.  El Yunque National Forest was a highlight where we spent hours taking in the natural beauty and pure air of a rain forest with its beautiful waterfalls and tucked away wading pools.  Dipping in was cool and refreshing. 

I wonder what you, our fellow TEMPO Members, are doing right now as you welcome in the new year? Perhaps you take it as a chance to start anew with a clean slate?  Will you be making any New Year’s resolutions?  I personally hate the idea of a New Year’s resolution. In the past, when I did bother to make them, I’d only keep them for a couple weeks and that’s after I’d delayed their start until I returned home from vacation.  Justifying my procrastination with the protest “how can you really start a new health kick or exercise plan while amazing food and drink were all around you!?” 

Rather than make resolutions I know I cannot keep, I am choosing to be more intentional this year.  That’s it really, just paying attention to my feelings, how they affect my behavior and in turn, the people with whom I engage.  I intend to be a better listener, more accepting and patient.  If I can spend a fraction of this year remembering these intentions and putting them to use, then maybe in a small way, I’ll have helped make the world a better place.  Change starts from within. 

So, I wish you all a Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to connecting with you at an upcoming event this year.  May you spend the rest of this month and indeed year enjoying just being your amazing selves and seeing where the year takes you.  See you soon.

All my best,

Elaine Rich

TEMPO Madison President 

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