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November President's Message

November 01, 2021 5:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings TEMPO Madison Sisters and Happy November!

As I commence my latest monthly message, I am still glowing on the inside from our 40th Anniversary Kickoff event last week. After nearly a year of discussions, planning and strategizing on the part of our 40th Committee, and the TEMPO Madison and TEMPO Madison Foundation Boards we have officially started our year-long celebration with what proved to be an engaging event.

I extend my gratitude to our panel of past presidents; Susan Springman, Linda Balisle, Frances Huntley-Cooper and Kristine Euclide along with our event moderator, Carol Koby for such an insightful, open and honest discussion that looked back at how each woman came to be where she is today. What I loved most about their discussion is that they all had a compelling story to tell, each one of them chose different paths which led to amazing journeys complete with perils, heartbreaks and yet joy and successes too. I could have listened to our panelists all night. Kristine summed it up best during her closing when she said that any one of us ladies in the audience could have easily been up on the stage sharing their compelling, interesting and real-life stories. Being a past president may have been one of the markers of distinction among our panelists, but Kristine reminded us that we all have a common bond when it comes to being a woman.

With that idea in mind, I have been moved, as were many other event attendees with a desire to really get to know our fellow TEMPO Madison members. Think how great it would be to be able to dive deeper, understand their backgrounds and how they came to be the woman they are today; that lovely, awe inspiring, energy-packed woman we see at their best during our luncheons and events. To know their full story, with the bumps, leaps, re-starts and stops along their unique paths, would be in-and-of itself inspiring. As I see it, to experience someone else’s story is be invited into their private world. It allows us to form a deep bond of respect for one another. And deepening our connections as a sisterhood of women with common bonds, isn’t that something we all crave?

Now, it will likely take years, not the months I have left as your president to highlight our members more deeply. Our 40th committee and the boards are working out ideas to capture your member histories and preserve them for each other and the benefit of the new members that will follow us decades from today. Whether it be recording your stories via audio, video or written in our monthly newsletters and other venues, my goal is for us to reach as many TEMPO Madison members as possible that want to share their story. Ladies, you all have a compelling and interesting story to share. I welcome any suggestions you might have on getting this initiative off the ground.

I will close my message and take a minute to reflect on our upcoming traditional Thanksgiving holiday. It has always been my favorite holiday because we get to take a day to pause, reflect and express gratitude for the love and fullness our lives bring us. For me personally, I am ever grateful for my loving and supportive husband, children, family and friends. I am also extraordinarily lucky and thankful for my TEMPO Madison sisters and the friendships and connections I have formed with you over the years. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

With gratitude,

Elaine Rich, TEMPO Madison President

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