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November President's Message

November 02, 2020 12:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hello, TEMPO Madison Sisters,

I’d like to begin by thanking everyone who attended or supported this year’s TEMPOShares. It was a successful virtual event that gave us an opportunity to network. We also experienced virtual meditation, learned how to tie scarves for casual to business attire, were introduced to a collaborative, digital whiteboard called Jamboard in addition to food and adult beverage demonstrations.

The fun did not stop at these mini-sessions conducted by fellow TEMPO Madison members. Another highlight of the evening was the auction where the highest bidder secured their goods or services. At the end of the program, we raised over $5,700 in scholarship funds for the 2020/21 recipients. My gratitude goes out to our communications director, Megan Purtell, and to the committee for successfully reimagining TEMPOShares as a virtual event.

We are seven months into a global pandemic with one day left to vote in the most historic and consequential election in our lifetime.  Not to mention, the upcoming holiday season leaves us with seven weeks of preparations – just a few challenges that may cause a bit of stress while still balancing a career, family, community service, etc. Hence the reason last Thursday’s event gave us an outlet to escape from the day-to-day demands by enjoying time with fellow members who intentionally walked away from life’s hustle and bustle.

When eventually reaching the other side of this health crisis, unfortunately, the most challenging part for many of us might be fully grasping that we cannot return to the ways we called “normal.” However, the good news is we can accept this reality by creating a new normal that incorporates a more balanced and healthier (e.g., exercise, diet, and/or hobbies) lifestyle.  Work-life balance is a choice. What will it take to become a better parent, spouse, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, etc.? Being busy at work does not mean we are productive or happier; it merely indicates we are busy.

In the article Inc.com, the author Joelle Jay recommended three ways women can find work-life balance: 1) be decisive about your priorities, 2) be more present and create a peaceful mindset, and 3) plan and think consciously about what’s important and how you wish to spend your time. As women, we tend to carry the heavy burden of issues at work on our shoulders and find ourselves as the primary caretaker in our family. For our mental and physical wellbeing, let’s unplug more, prioritize tasks/activities, and find space to first care for ourselves – we deserve it.

Spread your wings and soar!


Leslie M. Petty


TEMPO Madison


  • November 02, 2020 4:52 PM | Sue Studz
    Great advice, Leslie! Thank you!
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