New Members

We welcome our newest members!

Tanya Buckingham, Supervisor/District 24, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Susan Chwae, Vice President, Ginkgo Press, Inc.
Katie Kurtz, Vice President, Decision Point
Susan Stepka, CFO, Wisconsin Management
Amanda Todd, Executive Communications Manager, UW-Madison
Julia Arata-Fratta, Manager/Alder, Wegner CPAs
Kristina Boardman, Administrator, Wisconsin DOT-DMV
Beth Donley, CEO, Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Inc.
Jo Handelsman, Director, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Deirdre Hargrove Krieghoff, Chief of Human Resources, Madison Metropolitan School District
Tiffany Kenney, Executive Director, Madison’s Central Business Improvement District
Monique Lomax, Sales Manager, The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club
Julie Lombardo, CEO, Capitol Physical Therapy
Regina Millner, President Emeritus, UW System Board of Regents
Monalu Packard, Owner, Consulting, EA Chair, MRP Management Consulting
Joan Peterson, President, Ginkgo Press
Shilpa Sankaran, Owner, Kosa Spa