2018 Scholarship Winners (left to right): Tashonna Robinson, Ashli Lyles and Isabel Mancl.

When the scholarship committee puts out its annual request for applications for the TEMPO Scholarship in honor of Betty von Rutenberg we are looking for young women of strong character, initiative, leadership, compassion, commitment to community as well as demonstrated financial need.  This year we have found three candidates who exemplified those characteristics, so much so that they are all being granted scholarships this year.

Tashonna Robinson

Our 2018 TEMPO Scholarship in honor of Betty von Rutenberg winner is Tashonna Robinson.  Tashonna, the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college will enroll this fall at Tuskegee University in Alabama.  Tashonna is a senior to Madison’s La Follette High School. Outside of school she participates in a Kioja Drill team, a form of dance.  When asked why she might be deserving of the TEMPO BVR scholarship she referred to her strong commitment to give back to the community that has shown her so much support.   Tashonna’s foster mother has been instrumental in helping Tashonna believe in herself and recognize that she can be successful.  She has already overcome many obstacles in her young life and is ready to take on college.  Tashonna’s award will be $5,000.  *The BVR scholarship is funded outside of the TEMPO Foundation, however the Scholarship Committee has been in charge of interviewing and selecting award winners since its inception.  The fund in Betty von Rutenberg’s name is held at the Madison Community Foundation.

Ashli Lyles

A dear, former TEMPO member Jean Manchester passed away in 2017.  In honor of her life and contributions to our community, several TEMPO members, family and friends donated funds to our foundation with a charge that we use those funds for a scholarship.  When we met Ashli Lyles, we knew we had found a special young woman deserving of a scholarship in Jean’s name.  Ashli is a senior at Madison East High School.  This fall she plans on attending Madison College and through its transfer program eventually move on to the UW-Madison.  She aspires to become an Adolescent Psychologist.  When asked to name someone outside her immediate family who has had a profound effect on her life, she immediately credited Ali Muldrow, her teacher and mentor. Ashli believes strongly in building equality through peace and happiness.  Through many roles inside and outside of school Ashli is proving to be a strong and capable leader.  Ashli cares deeply about our community and has a strong desire to give back.  Ashli’s award will be $2,000.

Isabel Mancl

Finally TEMPO members, you spoke, we listened.  When you completed our member Relevance Survey in late 2015 you indicated a strong desire to give back to our community and use our resources to help give those who have endured hardships, a path to getting a college degree.  We are using funds generated from our TEMPO Shares event to grant scholarships to help us realize this vision.  The 2018 TEMPO Scholarship winner is Isabel Mancl, a senior at Madison East High School.  Isabel plans on attending Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  Isabel will be pursuing a degree in music performance and dreams of becoming a part of the opera community. Isabel believes that through hard work, determination and passion she will succeed in sharing her vision that opera brings music to life.  Isabel’s award will be $2,000.